This blog is more or less the editorial page for Breakthrough NPD — a place for learning and discussion … perhaps some venting. Most posts will be mine (the founder) for now. So you know, the point of view comes from an unusually diverse range of experiences. I’ve been on the inside of academia, startups and a large corporation, have worked in defense and commercial markets, and in several industries. Now I’m an entrepreneur trying to make this company go. I’ve put in more than my share of time as an active volunteer or officer at a host of professional organizations and even spent 10 years as part of town government. I’ve been blessed with variety no doubt.

Starting from a high tech background and traveling all the way to marketing I’ve come to the conclusion that the top factors in commercial success relate to the people in one way or another. The biggest failures I’ve seen came from not listening to the customer, or not treating the employees well. My best successes came when I was truly listening to people and treating them well both inside and outside the organization. The president of a start up I worked for made respect one of the founding principles of his company. It impressed me and I’ve made it one of mine. So limited as it must be, I’m writing from an appreciation that ranges from physics to psychology. So who knows what’ll show up here. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

I won’t go on. Please click on Home or About Us if you want to learn more about the company or my bio.
Wishing you well.